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In the context of concerns about the end of a safe operating space for humanity, there is a growing, although by no means universal, global view that we must radically alter our behaviour so as to preserve the life support systems that undergird human well-being.

Although our appreciation of the value of the ecological systems has increased in recent decades, there is little agreement about how to account for the value of these systems and even less about whether we should try to account for their value. More generally, there is little agreement about how to systematically account for the value of nonfinancial systems that make life worth living.

But account for the value of these linked social-ecological systems we must because the information we glean from our measures of these systems is indispensable to social decision-making in and about these systems. Given that we now know that the decisions we make have consequences for existing and future generations, it behoves us to ensure that our information systems measure what matters for people alive in the here and now and for generations to come. Continue Reading…